A Losing Combination

18 12 2010

Today’s timeline:

6:30 Get up to pee. (Hmm…that was a bit uncomfortable.)
7:30 Car attempts to wake me up. (But the sheets are so warm!)
7:45 Car actually wakes me up.
7:45 – 8:50 Getting ready for work (My throat is a little tender. *cough*)

Wow. I’m really bored with this format. That was short-lived.

Basically, today was a very long day. It was made nigh eternal by the onset of bronchitis and a raging bladder infection.

Fun fact: remember how I have stress incontinence? (I like to bring that up in case you forget about it. After all, I have a certain reputation to protect.) Now that I’ve reminded you, let’s review the basics. I have bronchitis. It makes me cough a lot. I have a bladder infection. It makes me want to cry when I pee. I have stress incontinence. It makes me pee when I cough.

Are you with me?

I do not like this day. I kind of want to punch it in the nads, but I think I’ll go to sleep instead.




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7 01 2011
He Totally Learned That From Me « Like Swimming

[…] I found out at the doctor this morning, I’ll just direct you to the post wherein I talk about punching my day in the nads, because it turns out I have exactly the same combination of afflictions. I asked my doctor if he […]

21 12 2010

personal hell. welcome.

19 12 2010

Oh my poor, poor Jenny! You must come play with me this week! Come make treats and do Christmas-y stuff with me. Now. I have peach pie…

19 12 2010

ooh suck! it’s like the eternal loop of misery.

19 12 2010

How horrid!! So sorry that you are feeling awful. You go right on ahead and punch those nads!!

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