Vegas Wrap-up, Part I

21 06 2010

It’s gonna take me a while to cover all of this, so I’ll split it into several parts.

Apparently the first thing I need to tackle is the frozen virgin issue, as so many of my friends and family members are concerned that I’ve started down a road which involves human sacrifice. Behold:

FYI, either they use one login for everyone on the cash register, or Diana H has one massive testosterone problem.

Next up: Things that should never be in the bathroom. I realize this first one is commonplace in the hotel milieu…I just don’t understand why.

I feel like I can never call someone in their hotel room, for fear they might be sitting on the toilet. I don’t want to talk to someone when he or she is sitting on the toilet.

The second one is a little more frightening.

Dude. There’s a cup holder next to that toilet. A freaking cup holder. And as I scratched my head and wondered who could possibly want to use that, a woman wandered into the bathroom holding a cup. Seriously. You can tell me all you want that it’s for the little buckets of coins, but I saw a woman walk in with a beverage, and now I’m scarred for life.

That’s all I have for now. The boys are demanding attention, silly children. I shall report back later.

*The WordPress proofreader has been surprisingly kind to me lately. It must know I need positive reinforcement.