25 06 2010

I really want to go to bed, but I wouldn’t want all of you thinking something terrible happened to me if I don’t post. See how thoughtful I am? I’m only thinking of you. I’m pretty awesome like that.

Right now I’m in Park City, staying at the The Canyons. I’d tell you how amazing it is up here, but it’s not like they’re paying me, so screw that. I’m here for evo’ 10. What’s evo’ 10? I hear you asking. (If you aren’t, you should be.) It’s the Evolution of Women in Social Media.

I feel a little bit guilty leaving two weekends in a row, but then I remind myself just how crappy our week has been. It’s for the best if the boys and I have a little more time apart.

So here I am in lovely Park City, enjoying the weather and the speakers and the fact that I can pee without anyone banging on the door. (I hope. It is the first night, so I guess anything could happen.)

Also? I got yelled at for being too loud in the hotel hallway…by a man holding a towel around his waist. First of all, I wasn’t being loud. That was the people who came down the hall before me (I’m looking at you, NakedJen!) Second, put on some clothes. Noisy people irritate you? Well, random half-naked people irritate me.

Night, loves. I’ll try to make more sense tomorrow, but we all know how likely that is.

*Yes, WordPress proofreader, I’m perfectly aware “evo” isn’t a word. Deal with it.