Writing is Hard

10 06 2014

There are so many distractions in the world—so many excuses to stay away from my keyboard.

Writing is hard.

I write blog posts in my head all the time. I tell you all about the woman I met at the playground who was just angling to give me her business card, the jerks who swore at me when I refused to sell them pseudoephedrine because they didn’t have proper ID, the way I struggle to get out of bed every day, but I do it because my children depend on me and I can’t let them down.

So much to say.

Sometimes I wonder if I did tell you these things, if I wrote all the thoughts in my head, if you’d keep coming back. After all, not every post is thought-provoking, award-winning content.

I worry.

But I need to write. Writing is a healthy outlet for me, and the longer I go between posts, the less I write, the harder it gets to turn to my keyboard.

So now I make a promise to you. I will write at least one blog post per week. Those of you close to me, or even those of you who are simply casual readers—keep me honest.

Writing is hard, but it’s what I know, and I don’t want that to change.

Y’all come back now.



4 responses

17 06 2014

Oh good! And this is good for you! I’ll read it and be there for you!

12 06 2014

Shoot. I’ll read what you write. 🙂

10 06 2014

I will endeavor to keep up with you. I do the “post in my head” thing all. the. time. Haven’t actually written a new post in months. It’s time, and yeah. It helps me know what I really think, and keeps my thoughts changing. Which is a lot better than getting stuck! -Lyn, blogging as “dailysalvation”

10 06 2014

Good on you my dear, keep it up. And if you get time you can have a peep at some of my scribbles at http://www.finntales.co.uk and let me know what you think. But above all keep on writing, you are good at it!

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