29 10 2010

Sometimes I feel guilty when I do things that are just for me. I’m not alone in that feeling, right?

So today’s post will seem unremarkable to some, but I’d bet most of you will understand why I’m blogging such a silly, small thing.

Today I took some time for this:

Those are my feet. I'm not the one actually giving the pedicure.

Which progressed to this:

This is Sunni. She's cute and funny and has ridiculously long eyelashes, but I still like her.


And left me with this:

My fingers got the royal treatment as well:

Though they aren’t very impressive looking since they break if you look at them funny. (I’d better not catch any of you staring at my nails. Jerks.)

I relaxed. I laughed. I felt a little bit of the old me flow back into my soul.

It was good.

I sit here typing, stealing glances at my pink fingers and scarlet toes, and I’m happy. Satisfied, even.

It is good.

When was the last time you did something completely frivolous to pamper yourself?