An Open Memo to Quentin Tarantino

8 01 2011

Dear Mr. Tarantino,

In deference to your body of work, I’m giving you first dibs on this obvious blockbuster. You’re welcome.


*I’m not going to explain why this is so funny I practically peed myself. Use your Google, people. You’ll get it, and then you’ll shake your heads sadly at what a geek I am, but it won’t matter because seriously? I’m one of the most hilarious people I know.




3 responses

9 01 2011
That’s the only thing I can find relating any sort of bird to ‘aves maria.’ Please, please tell me what the funny is!!

9 01 2011
Vicki @ Crowning Victoria

::golf claps::

However my fiancee loved it. I subscribed to yer feed.
see ya on the twitter.

8 01 2011


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