How to Suffocate Your Brother

7 12 2012

A tutorial by Big G.

How to suffocate your brother

In case you don’t read first grader, allow me to translate:

First you throw a blanket over your brother.
Next you throw a pillow over your brother.
Then you throw two stuffed animals.
Last you throw two blankets.

Should I be concerned?

*Omitted: Then you tell your parents it was your brother’s idea. Then you pretend you’re sorry.




4 responses

2 01 2013
Vicki WS (@CrowndVic)

hahhaah so I did this with my 2nd grade students, as well (“how to” stories) and most of my kids did “how to play [insert game or sport]” or “how to make [name of sandwich]” and while your son’s story may be a little, er, scary, they say it’s easier to write about things you know, personally… wait, that didn’t help.

Unless he acts on it, I’d say you’re fine. 😉

10 12 2012
Anne Garrett Addison

Somewhere we have a piece of paper wherein son #4 sold son #3 his soul for $5. We assured the pannicked #4 that the contract wasn’t binding as it wasn’t notorized and hadn’t been witnessed. Boys. Nothing more need be said.

8 12 2012

I would only really worry if he gets into the linen closet and gets out the needed blankets and pillows.

8 12 2012

Is little G okay? AND I remember your recipe for a Halloween treat: last line: feed it to someone you don’t like!

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