A New Level of Lazy

23 06 2012

I often joke that I’m inherently lazy. This isn’t actually true. Like many people, I do like to take shortcuts. And yes, I’ll sit on the couch wanting a glass of water for at least20 minutes until my husband stands up and I can say, “Hey, while you’re up…”

I know.So pathetic.

Still, I have my limits, and today they were pushed so far that I had to take a picture and illustrate it for you. See how ambitious and not at all lazy I am?


Seriously, sir? It was too much work to return your cart? May your automobile be violated by a thousand unreturned carts.

*Grocery shopping after a 10-hour shift makes me a little bit stabby.

**Really, though. That’s ridiculous.

***Yesterday was my birthday and I had to cancel my birthday date with Car (Cajun food! Avengers!) because I felt like I was going to puke but then I didn’t puke which was almost even more sad, if that’s possible.

****Redeeming factor: My parents got me a Kindle Fire for my birthday, which is 20 shades of awesome. Not 50 shades, because that would be creepy.

*****Not that I’ve read that series. Pervs.

******Seriously, I haven’t read it. I can tell you don’t believe me, but I really haven’t (I heard the writing really sucks).

*******Not that I’d read it if the writing didn’t suck. OBVIOUSLY. I’m going to stop talking about it now.

********If you don’t know which books I’m talking about you’re probably really confused, aren’t you? Ha! Sucker!



One response

29 07 2012

Crap like this burns me up. I usually holler out a smart comment on the sly.

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