We’ll Have a Good Time Then

13 06 2012

On Saturday I was running late as usual. (Say it with me: I KNOW! Who would’ve thought?) As I put on my makeup and tracked how much time I had to get ready for the baby shower that started at 10 am, Big G asked me to play Uno with him.

Note: Uno is one of Big G’s current obsessions. Let’s just say If I woke up tomorrow morning and someone told me Uno had been outlawed, I wouldn’t cry.

After I told him I was (as per usual) late for my intended destination, he found a new target.

“Dad, will you play Uno with me?”

“Not right now, Big G,” Car replied, walking to the next room.

As he walked past me, I couldn’t help myself. I burst into song.

“And the cat’s in the cradle and the silver spoon, Little boy blue and the man in the moon…”


He continued on to the bathroom and I collapsed in giggles.

*Fun fact: before I left for the baby shower, I spotted Car playing Uno. Score one for Harry Chapin!
**If you don’t know the song “Cat’s in the Cradle” you’re the luckiest person ever.
***Seriously. That song plays in my head every damn time I tell my kids I don’t have time for something. I despise Harry Chapin for that.



6 responses

29 07 2012

Funny about Uno and Car.
Wow a shower @10AM, that’s insane…and on a weekend too. I have real problem with kiddie parties that start that early on the weekend. Maybe I’m lazy!

13 06 2012

Freakin’ awesome! Glad to know I’m not the only one that has that run through my head when I’m being a “bad” mom!

13 06 2012

Ava is obsessed with Uno. I downloaded the app so I don’t have to play with her anymore. I suppose that makes me a shitty mom?

13 06 2012

It’s one of the many things, Janice. I refuse to download the app. In Big G’s head that’s tantamount to abuse.

13 06 2012
Annette Lyon (@AnnetteLyon)

I kind of really, really despise that song. To the point that a few years ago, I ranted long and hard on my blog about it. Behold: http://blog.annettelyon.com/2009/09/kicking-butt-on-cats-in-cradle.html

13 06 2012

Yet another reason why I love you, Annette.

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