Firetrucks and Piñatas and Stitches…Oh My!

1 05 2012

Four years ago this happened:

And it was pretty amazing.

On Saturday we commemorated the occasion with a little party.

And it was pretty memorable.

You know it’s a good party when, less than 30 minutes into the festivities, this happens to the birthday boy:

Yes, I took a picture. What? I had to text a crappy cell phone picture to my doctor sister-in-law to see if she thought he needed stitches. SHUT UP.

No, it wasn’t a tragic piñata-related injury. That would be a far more interesting story. It was a “my child has a giant head that throws him off-balance and his foot caught on the carpet and sent him flying into the corner of the door frame” injury. Not as cool, but he still ended up with four stitches for his fourth birthday. Good job, Little G!

Of course, no kid wants to miss his own birthday party, so Little G opted to have some bacitracin and a bandage slapped on his gaping head wound. After all, there were presents! And cake!

And a piñata!

When everything was over, we packed up and went to the doctor, where my brave almost four-year-old didn’t even cry when they injected the lidocaine into his forehead and stitched him up.

Oddly enough, it really was a good day.

Now he’s four.

And it’s pretty amazing.





2 responses

2 05 2012

You said LittleG has a big head. Is that because he hurt it, or because he has something like Hydrocephalus?

10 05 2012

Nothing medical – just a large noggin. I’d say it’s like an orange on a toothpick, but you’ve seen pictures of him – that kid ain’t no toothpick! 😉

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