Special Delivery

29 02 2012


Yesterday kind of sucked. I’m out of my magical ADD pills and my children, as best I can tell, are minions of Satan (today is obviously going well).

BUT THEN? Car brought home free pizza prepared by the Son of Almighty God.

To make my night even better, Car and I had this conversation:

Car: “How are you going to blog about this without being sacrilegious?”

Me: *chortle*

Car: “Oh. Right.”

Seriously, it’s like for a brief moment he forgot who he was married to.

For the next hour, every time I glanced at the pizza box, I burst into giggles and Car just shook his head and rolled his eyes.

Next up: Chinese food from Elijah the prophet. Hey, a girl can dream!

*I will forever be bitter about how sacrilegious is spelled. It’s just wrong.

**The pizza wasn’t that great. You’d think Jesus would have the power to make fabulous pizza.

***Would it be inappropriate to make a joke here about Jews making lousy Italian food?


*****I just checked with my Jewish friend Meredith, and she says the joke is fine, but for the record she makes excellent pizza.

******I assume Meredith speaks for all Jews. It’s only fair since she does the same with Mormons and me. It’s cool. I’d rather she think I speak for Mormons than, say, Mitt Romney.

*******Hahahaha! I kid!




6 responses

1 03 2012

Oh jenny, you rock. I am totally jealous of your heavenly pizza. And sacrilegious bugs the crap out of me too!

29 02 2012

I spit spaghetti squash all over my computer when I read “You’d think Jesus would have the power to make fabulous pizza.”


29 02 2012

And here I was expecting it to be delivered by “Jesus,” the common Spanish name. My brother (a cop) gets a huge kick out of saying he arrested Jesus.

29 02 2012

Now I want pizza. Thanks for being sacrilegious so I could covet pizza. Or maybe I’ll have some pot stickers. Either way, your fault I’m eating crap.

29 02 2012

I cracked up at all of your astricism. *that’s not a word. **but it should be.

29 02 2012

Love it!

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