So Many Syllables

1 02 2012

Today’s blog (as well as the constant desire to up the dose of my ADD meds) is inspired by Big G’s homework folder.

Let’s say I randomly walk up to you in the middle of a crowded room and ask, “Can you tell me three words that have more than two syllables?”

You could do it. I have great faith in you.

What would those three words be?




7 responses

4 02 2012

My kids used to hate it when I’d get a notice of some kind from the principal’s office. I would correct spelling errors and grammatical errors and walk them in to the school secretary.

2 02 2012

Be grateful your son doesn’t read well yet. I betcha anything she was going for tulip. (I’ve had practice deciphering papers!) ALSO, while you and I would NEVER take a short cut and borrow and assignment from another teacher and send it out without even looking at it (can you hear me clearing my throat?), it does happen.

A month ago I put up a Power Point. I had previewed it and caught one mistake, but there was another HUGE one, negating the point I was trying to teach.

And THEN, did I tell you, I was looking at an ACT review book I bought, Barrons, and I found one huge mistaken example on a grammar point; and another teacher found another. AND NEITHER OF US WERE READING THE BOOK. WE HAD JUST RANDOMLY OPENED IT!

2 02 2012
Peter Gessel

Is Big G’s teacher Polynesian, perchance? If so, there is certainly no shortage of multisyllabic family names that could be used for this exercise. But, um, yeah.

2 02 2012

toelupe? again, what kind of operation are they running over there?

1 02 2012
Wendy Sparrow

My husband and I are both cracking up. I googled it, but I’m getting nothing… was it meant to be something like cantaloupe or something?

1 02 2012

Oh hell.

1 02 2012

I am dying here. Where did this teacher come from?

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