Sometimes Lying is Okay

20 12 2011

We were watching The Electric company, and they were doing that thing where they change around the letters at the beginning of a word to make different words. You know that thing, right? Because that’s all you’re getting. I’m too lazy to explain it any better and the only reason I’m telling you that much is to explain this conversation:

Big G: “Mom, is shat a word?”

Me: “No.”

What? You thought I’d say yes? We all know where that answer leads.

*The WordPress Proofreader is also unaware that shat is a word. Are we surprised?

**Oh, and hi. Sorry about that month without blogging. I’ve been in a cave.

***Not a real cave.

****But you knew that, right?



2 responses

20 12 2011

It’s nice to see a post from you again. Loved the Electric Company!

20 12 2011
Mrs. Organic

Glad you’ve come out.

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