So then I smoked something and decided to become crafty.

7 11 2011

For some reason today I decided I need to start a Christmas tradition and make homemade advent calendars for my sons.

I know.

I’m not talking about some sort of hand-stitched tomfoolery. I’m not that cray-cray.

Still, there’s something inside of me that wants to create. This frightens me, as I’m not a particularly creative person. I’m going to chalk it up to motherhood, that bizarre creature that whispers, “Look at these beings you created! Now don’t you want to make something for them?”

Dear voice inside of my head: I brought them into this world. How is that not enough?

(My friend Meredith’s answer to that question: “Pinterest.” Sadly, she’s not entirely wrong.)

So this week I embark upon a grand experiment: make an advent calendar. I have a plan in my head, but I think you’ve all seen how well my plans tend to turn out. Should be good times! Overall goal: Complete advent calendar by December 1.

*Yes, I know I can buy an advent calendar. THAT’S NOT THE POINT.

**Seriously, if you tell me to buy one, I’ll know you completely missed the whole point of this post.





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19 01 2012

Ohhhhhhhhhhh. I am the crafty one and totally was making my kids not only a Christmas one but a Halloween countdown one as well. ::Looks around and sees neither::

14 11 2011
Peter Gessel

I’m totally voting for LaurieBee’s idea. A universal truth about children is that they don’t give a crap about how fancy things are. Half of the time when I buy something for my kids, they find the box the toy came in to be far more interesting than the toy itself. Do the posterboard and Hershey’s kisses, and you’ll have an instant tradition that you won’t dread every year.

10 11 2011

I do these every year — and they are super easy. I take a small poster board and draw the calendar, leaving about 1/3 of the poster blank at the top. I let the kids draw their own Christmas picture on that blank portion. I’m gutsy enough to let them use glitter and glue for their picture, if they want. Then I help them glue Hershey’s kisses on each day of the calendar. They love it. As a matter of fact, they even made me send them to them when they went away to college! Now I do them for my grandchildren.

8 11 2011

Debbie McA is doing a demo at homemaking this month on how to do Advent Calendars for your grandchildren who may live away from you. I was even planning on going! So let me know if I need to count Big G and Little G out or if you want ideas.

And the gingerbread house party is out. What was I thinking?!!!!! If we do the lights on Temple Square with five children we’ll be lucky. Maybe we’ll spring for the horse and carriage ride around Thanksgiving Point.

8 11 2011

Hey, what a fantastic idea. I have a cloth one with pockets and drive myself stupid every November trying to think of interesting things to fill it with! But you’re going one step further, will expect to see photos of the work in progress over the next few weeks…? 🙂

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