I Already Have My BS in Pooponomics

12 10 2011

I’ll be the first to admit that I, like many parents, am far too comfortable discussing my child’s bathroom habits. It’s a sad but true fact that changing diapers removes the taboo that exists in society regarding poop talk. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as children’s bowels do odd things and it’s reassuring to talk to other parents and know that your child doesn’t need to be rushed to the hospital before something horrifying and irreversible (possibly involving a colostomy bag) happens.

Advertising executives are aware of this crucial time in parents’ lives and (being the soul-sucking bottom-feeders they are) they do their best to capitalize on it. I’m not fond of this. As relaxed as I am about describing the consistency of my son’s last bowel movement, I balk when I see an ad that features the word “poo” in large bold letters.

The latest offender:

Give Poop a Chance? Seriously? I’d love to know how many hours went into that slogan.

On second thought, maybe I don’t want to know.

*Random thought: Do you think the ad campaign was thought up by an ad exec while he/she was sitting on the toilet?

**This ad was in the Reader’s Digest. My love for that magazine just keeps growing.

***If I see one more commercial for the remake of Footloose, I will stab someone. Is nothing sacred?



3 responses

21 01 2012

Gee, I have been suffering from IBS from my late teens.
I am now a 72 yer old married woman, grandmother of three, and its better then when I was a younger woman, but is stll in my life.
Thankfully, I rarely have to POO when outside and about; as like when I used to drive our kids to and from schools.When that feeling happened, and for me the IBS never presented, cramping, just the horrific urges, at the most
embarressing times of my life.
Take for instance, having a lovely dinner, with friends, and or family.
After, or before the meal, I never know, I get the URGE. !
I have been so fortunate not to as soiled myself in public, but I did so today, at home, as I stained my undies, before I hit the toilet. (Toilets have become
rather friends of mine, as when I need one, and see one, I am saved from embarressment.!
Gladly we have five bathrooms in this huge house, we so love.
I have always had a genuine gift for interior design.And I have decor in the victorian mode. Most people really enjoy our antiques, collectibles, and
the atmosphere in this lovely home.
In one bathroon upon the second level, I decorated it with, vintake paintings, and othercollectibles involving the “Titanic.”
And with all of these icons, including me nowadays, I enjoy sitting upon
the throne, as my husband refers to it.
I take care of a part of my life, that is smelly, and discusting, and yet
I manage my IBS.I even laugh at some of this experiences I have
prayed not to happen, when outside the home.
So God does answer prayers.
To those of you who suffer from this,I wish for you all to, face, accept, and get on with life.
It could be something like a horrible disease.
I do have Diabetis, and is controlled by a insulin injection, every day.
I am also thankful for that Insulin.
Goodnight, to anone who reads this, andunderstands.

21 01 2012

I have no choice but to approve this comment, because I can’t figure out if it’s serious or not. All I know is it rocks my world.

1 11 2011

hahahahaha! poo! poo! poo!

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