Slightly Concerning

12 09 2011

The boys and I went to the library this afternoon, and on the way back Big G asked Little G a question. I’m not sure what the question was, but I do know Little G answered it in an unsatisfactory manner.

“But Jenny,” you’re asking, “if you didn’t hear the question, how do you know Little G answered it incorrectly?”

Well, as I drove along, I heard from the back seat, “WRONG, flesh creature!”

Is it wrong I’m mildly disappointed he didn’t modify the phrase with the word “puny”?

This is completely unrelated, but I have to share yet another example of Big G’s awesomeness. A neighbor kid keeps trying to play the emotional blackmail card. “Let me play with that toy or I’ll never come over again.” It drives me insane. Last week they were playing in the front room and I heard Big G’s response: “Then you won’t get to play with me.” As @shnerfle pointed out after I Tweeted the incident, my kid wins.

*FYI: We did not make a collage this morning. I feel oddly liberated.

**I can’t write about collages again. Ever. If I have to deal one more time with the WordPress proofreader asking me if I meant college instead of collage, I will shank someone.




One response

14 09 2011

well played, my young Gs, well played.

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