Kindergarten Freak-out

12 09 2011

Tonight I realized we didn’t do Big G’s homework on Friday. I hadn’t even looked in the folder to see what it was. That’s okay, right? I mean, it’s kindergarten homework. What happens if it doesn’t get done? Still, I have to be an über-parent, so I thought we could do it quickly before bedtime. No such luck. When I finally looked at the assignment, I found it was for a fricking collage, and it was already past his bedtime.

Full confession: for a brief moment, I considered making the collage myself. That’s right, I was going to make a collage of my kindergarten son’s favorite things for him. Because I’m psychotic.

Really, what’s going to happen if my son doesn’t make a collage of his favorite things? It’s not even something he has to turn in to his teacher. When he does a homework assignment, I initial a line on a piece of paper that goes back to his teacher every week.

I think my greatest fear is there will be a reward for the kids who did all their homework, Big G won’t get it, and it will be all my fault. As I type that, I realize it’s ridiculous. There probably won’t be a reward, and even if there is, it’s not like they’ll be handing out new cars to kindergarteners who complete their first week of homework.

So says my brain. Meanwhile, my gut is trying to convince me to get up early to gather some magazines for Big G to cut up. He can still make that collage! We can do this! We’re the superfamily to end all superfamilies!

Let’s face it—two weeks into kindergarten, and I feel like a failure. I’m not even the one going to kindergarten.

I need to figure out a way to let it ride or the next 13 years are going to kill me.

*If you tell me it’s actually 15 years because of Little G and even more than that if you count college, I’ll kill you.

**I still can’t decide if we’re making a collage in the morning. I don’t want to teach him it’s okay to half-ass homework, but I also don’t want him to think it’s okay to blow it off.

***Why do I have to worry about these things in kindergarten?



7 responses

14 09 2011

i spy a typo! “…ever week”. really, wp proofreader? you nitpick collage, but don’t catch this? for shame.

14 09 2011

I am so sharing this one with my Reading Intervention students. It will validate all the hate they feel for homework.

13 09 2011

I really want to tell you this will get easier, but they gave my junior high son a planner this year and I am determnied he will use said planner. He needs some organization in his life, right? So every day he comes home, takes his planner out of his backpack and gets a lecture on how and why to use it. We then fill out the assignments that shiould be in the planner and check to see what homework he forgot to bring home. So far we’ve only made one trip back to the school. I help/hover over my first grader less. I am hopeless, but maybe you still have a chance.

12 09 2011

I would have found the nearest Victoria’s Secret catalogue and taped it to a poster board and turned it in like I didn’t understand that we weren’t actually supposed to turn it in. That would have been more embarassing for his teacher I’d guess. And then I’d be like, “Haha…bet you won’t ask for another collage from me!” And then someone would probably call CPS on me. So I wouldn’t really do that. I’d probably do it for her.

12 09 2011

Eh, do it tonight for family night. That way he does it, but there is no stress. I have often wondered why as a parent our child’s sucess, or failure matters more to us. I know it is a constant thing for me ever since Naomi started school. (Is she happy? Is she successful? Is she well liked? Do the teachers recognize what a wonderful child she is?) On and on. But really, one missed assignment in Kindergarten is not a sign that he will be a high school delinquent, or that he will forever stop doing homework. Best of luck my dear!

12 09 2011

Thanks, you just made me remember that I didn’t look in my first graders backpack on Friday.
There should be a rule against giving homework over the weekend. Especially in kindergarten.
And I agree with Caroline, he won’t be the only one.

12 09 2011

You won’t be the only one that didn’t turn it in. Promise.

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