Super Six

6 09 2011

I’m really tired and I don’t want to write (though I have a billion things to tell you about). Still, I feel it would be ungrateful of me to not acknowledge how amazing life is.

Today we celebrated Big G’s sixth birthday.

Yeah, I made a UFO cake. It looked a little better before the trip to the party site:

But that’s all the disclaimer you get, because I’m not a professional and I make cakes like this exactly twice a year, so I reserve the right to be impressed with myself. So there.

I’m not going to spend a lot of time talking about Big G’s birth and how happy I was to finally have a live baby, because you’ve heard it before, and again…really tired.

Here’s what I will say: I’m amazed at how quickly we’ve gone from this:

…to this:

Life is more miraculous than I have words to express. Happy birthday, Big G. I’m honored to be your mom.

*Terrified too, but mostly honored.

**Why is the news doing a story about wearing white after Labor Day? Is it really that slow a news day? Holy crap. They’re asking a 4-year-old girl her opinion on the topic. If I were that newswoman I’d kill myself.

***Okay, I probably wouldn’t. But I would be very sad.

****We also had a space shuttle piñata at the party.

*****The piñata was primarily white, but according to the news, we’re cool.




2 responses

7 09 2011

your cake rocked, AND it was delicious! plus you get extra points for using astronaut barbie/ken.

6 09 2011

Your cake…AWESOME! total kuddos to you!! And a Happy Birthday Mr. G!

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