Pop Quiz, Hot Shot

17 08 2011

We have a nice set of picture cards that we can use to play Memory with the kids. (They also came with Bingo cards, but just try to keep a 5-year-old and 3-year-old focused on a game of Bingo until the bitter end. Go ahead. I dare you.)

These cards are large and have pretty drawings. I like them…with one horrifyingly painful exception. I try to ignore it, but every time I clean up the cards, this one card taunts me. I’m actually contemplating removing the pair from the deck because I can’t cope with it.

Yeah, I have issues. Still, take a gander and tell me what you think.

Name that flower:

Pretty flower! It’s pink and white, and so very lovely! What could possibly be wrong with such a flower?

Only one thing, really, but it’s oh-so-important:

No. Just…no. I even covered up the word on the card and asked Car what flower it was. His reply: “Um, tulip?”

It’s like they do these things just to mess with me.

As I continued my rant, Car interrupted with, “Well, roses are red…”

“But it’s not even red! It’s pink!”

That’s when I realized the time had come to write the best “Roses are Red” poem known to man.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Admit that’s a tulip
Or I will cut you.

*Update: It’s the next morning and I’m fixing a grammatical error. Who let me write a threatening “Roses are red” poem late at night?

**Went a little crazy with the ellipses, didn’t I?

***I just realized my children are frighteningly quiet. No more asterisks. Time to investigate.



5 responses

14 09 2011

My favorite roses poem—(written by my brother in 5th grade)
Roses are red,
Checkers are plastic,
Some Moms are great,
But mine is fantastic.

9 09 2011

I’m with you — it’s a tulip.

17 08 2011

engrish speakers did this for sure.

17 08 2011
Krystal G

my first guess was a rose,lol. great post tho!

17 08 2011

I’m gonna guess the cards were manufactured in a non-English-speaking country.

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