My Little George Takei

9 08 2011

Big G has picked up a new phrase. I’m not sure where it came from or why he uses it for every imaginable situation, but I love it more than words can express.

Tonight we were playing Chutes and Ladders, and he landed on a space with a chute. “Oh my!” he exclaimed as he slid his piece down. Soon after that, as is the way of Chutes and Ladders, he landed on a space with a ladder. “Oh my!” He slid his piece up the ladder.

“If you eat a good dinner you may have a piece of cake,” I told him. “Oh my!” he said with a gleeful look on his face.

It’s like living with a little tiny George Takei. Except he’s not Asian. Or gay.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.



2 responses

10 08 2011
Heidi Aphrodite

My niece must have overheard me say, “goodness, baby!” to her baby sister, because while they were visiting us, I heard her playing with a baby doll and saying, “goodness, baby!” over and over again. It was pretty funny.

9 08 2011

LOL! Cute!

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