All in My Head

10 07 2011

I write so many posts.

I know what you’re thinking, “Er…no you don’t, Jenny. You’ve hardly been writing at all.”

Okay, maybe “write” isn’t the exact word I’m looking for.

I craft so many posts in my head. I spin a tale while I’m in the shower, while I fold the laundry, while I sing my boys to sleep. Then late at night I sit down at the computer, ready for my Pulitzer-level brilliance to spill forth…and I’m empty.

When I first started blogging, I kept a notebook of ideas. I’d jot down random thoughts to jog my memory, and that would be enough to start the creative process.

But I want—no, I need you to understand these aren’t just ideas. They’re fully developed sentences and paragraphs, right down to the italicized text…and they’re gone.

Even this, as I write it, slips through my fingers. The idea materialized 30 minutes ago in the shower, and the nuances already shift and slither away, more difficult to catch than those stupid garter snakes in my mother’s pond.

I have so much to tell you, and it’s all coiled up under a rock in my brain.

It’s maddening.

It has to come out for sun at some point, right?

Lie to me if you have to. I’m okay with that.



8 responses

13 07 2011
Krystal G

The same thing happens to me.. it’s very frustrating. At any rate i still enjoy your posts. They make me smile 🙂

12 07 2011

I wish I could remember all those good ideas I have as well…not just for a blog post, for just about everything! (I guess what I’m saying is that it could be worse…:)

12 07 2011

Ah yes, the fickle shower fairy.

11 07 2011

Perhaps you can get a miniature tape recorder so you can say what you are thinking when you are thinking it, then review the tapes only to reveal you don’t know what you are thinking about after all.

I typically ponder concepts and write the concepts down, that way I can ask people if any of these concepts sound interesting to expand upon them. I think if you look on my site under writing, you’ll see some examples of how I post it.

11 07 2011
Erika Hill

Writing my thesis was a bit like that, and you’re right, it is maddening. Sometimes if I sat in front of the computer enough I would remember. Sometimes it would take two or three weeks and then I’d go, “Oh yeah! That was a fantastic idea!”

Maybe you should repeat them out loud as you’re composing them. Then, if nothing else, you can write about how your friends and family think you’ve gone completely bonkers, and THAT will make a good post.

10 07 2011

Seriously, it puts a smile on my face, even when you just share little bits and pieces. Don’t stop!

10 07 2011

I’m the same way. I have so many great ideas when I’m not writing! Then I sit down…and they fall just out of my grasp. They’ll come back, I’ve decided. 🙂

10 07 2011

If anyone can do it, you can Jen. I’ve been admiring your writing for 20 years….yikes, I feel very old. 🙂

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