I Will Cut You for a Parking Space

18 06 2011

We went to the zoo. The weather was perfect, which is probably why parking was…well, a zoo. Ahem. Sorry. I’m too tired to tell you how it all went down, but I made you a nifty diagram. An explanation will follow (probably tomorrow), though you probably don’t need it.

Bonus points if you can guess which car I was in! (Seriously, though, if you can’t guess based on the explanations, you’re dead to me.)

*Hint: Sometimes you’re just too late for a parking space and yes, that sucks for you, but it’s my parking space now.

**Do not mess with me in a parking lot.

***I was in rehab. I know people.




3 responses

24 06 2011

i’ve told you my psycho parking story, right? i feel justified for spot-stealing because i was 9 months pregnant, in the middle of winter.

18 06 2011

So…didja win? I am just that stubborn too. I will even speak to said person…while I am still in the safe confines of my car of course….but ohh…if she could have heard the things I said….

18 06 2011

I’m with you!

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