Non-Sticky Tapes

14 06 2011

Of all the things that annoy me about Dora and Diego (believe me, I could write several posts on that topic alone), a really random one keeps cropping up: my boys have developed a propensity for the phrase “sticky tape.”

“Mom, I need some sticky tape!”

Every time I hear that, I mutter, “As opposed to the non-sticky tape?”

Yes, I’m aware there are different types of tape, but really, when kids are involved? It’s scotch or masking tape and they both stick.


Since we’re on the subject of tape, last week I was searching through my junk drawer for my Club Nouveau tape (long story) when I ran across several completely awesome objects of interest.

Item one:

Circa-1980s Cabbage Patch Kid Birth Certificate

Item two:

Circa-1988 Mix Tape List

Items three through fourteen:

Seriously y’all, I just don’t understand why I wasn’t more popular in Jr. High.




6 responses

11 07 2011
Alex Gray

Oh wow talk about blast from the past you took me right back to all my mix tapes! Those were the days…

14 06 2011
Heidi Aphrodite

I don’t know where my Cabbage Patch Kid birth certificate is, but I know her name is Claudia Daphne. ha ha ha ha. Also, Def Leppard FTW. You know they’re coming in concert with Heart, right? RIGHT?!

14 06 2011

2 Richard Marx tapes no less!! I bet $5 I know all the words to those songs. And none of my high school french. Damn.

14 06 2011

Hey, you have my Billy Ocean tape! I was wondering where that went…

Pretty edgy collection you’ve maintained there. Does Car know about it? (I mean, both Bon Jovi and Metallica???) I hope you don’t have to throw it out.

14 06 2011

That is so awesome. I wonder where my mix tapes are and what’s on them. The lists are hilarious. I’m pretty sure I lost my Cabbage Patch Kid birth certificate within 24 hours of receiving it.

14 06 2011

I love how your song list repeats several songs again and again.

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