At Least Someone Thinks I’m Mature

30 05 2011

Last week I decided to searc CityDeals for a last minute gift for Big G’s preschool teacher. What? Doesn’t everyone look for printable gift certificates 20 minutes before the end of the last class?

Shut up.

Anyway, since I’m smart and stuff, I thought I’d go to my blog and click on my little link over there on the right, because then I get a kickback for linking myself to CityDeals! I know. It’s like I’m a rocket scientist or something.

I happened to be at my parents’ house, which is how I made this fantastic discovery:

I haven’t been this proud of myself since I graduated from rehab.

*These CityDeals links? Yeah, if you click on them and buy something, I get a wee bit of money. Not a lot, but every little bit validates my blogging habit.



3 responses

31 05 2011

i always knew that you were scandalous, but i think this warning is a little excessive. you rock!

30 05 2011

YAY! *high five*

30 05 2011

dude, thats fantastic. congratulations! xo

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