Do Not Repeat After Me

26 05 2011

Big G wasn’t a repeater. Other parents would tell stories about their kids repeating horrifying things at the most inopportune moments, and I’d brace myself with the sure knowledge that my time would come…but for the most part it didn’t. (I’m fully aware he’ll still repeat awful things, but he’s now at an age where he can be punished for such actions.)

As I hear is usually the case, Little G is an entirely different child from Big G. One marked difference: He’s a serial repeater. I think part of this relates to his time spent in speech therapy—when you spend years trying to get a kid to repeat the words you’re saying, that habit stays with him. It generally doesn’t bother me. After all, you don’t know cute until you’ve seen a 3-year-old repeat lines of Megatron’s dialogue.

Yesterday we were at grandpa’s house watching The Price is Right. (I like typing that sentence, because it makes grandpa sound about 80 years old.) The show had reached the final round—the Showcase Showdown—and the second Showcase featured…a trip to Amsterdam!

“Whoo-hoo!” I yelled. “Marijuana and hookers!”

Then came the garbled voice from next to me on the couch: “Mariwaaaaa and hooooers!”

Confession: There was a (possibly not small) part of me that really wanted to teach him to say it clearly. I firmly believe it would be hilarious to hear Little G run around repeating that. I know. I am not a good person. I am, however, surrounded by very good people who would be mortified by a 3-year-old yelling out “Marijuana and hookers!” at random intervals, so I restrained myself.

You’re welcome, Car.

Best. Mom. Ever.



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30 05 2011

My younger guy is a repeater. Wow, is he ever.

“Mom, don’t just clean your carpet, RESOLVE clean them,” he said to me this morning, wagging his finger in my face.

Makes for great lip-syncing in the car, though…

27 05 2011
Van C. Gessel

Note: Grandpa is 60.

27 05 2011
WTH am I Doing

I actually meant to comment on this yesterday…but I got distracted. Ahem.

My son is generally not a repeater. He is an observer. So when he uses a term, he has been storing it for some time. And he will use it appropriately.

Case in point. We have 2 small dogs. One of said dogs has an issue understanding that her poo is supposed to go *outside* in the grass. Because she has such an issue with such a simple thing, every time I find one of her little gifts I inform her that she is, in fact, a “stupid dog.”

So, generally, when an animal commits some grievous transgression, my son will also inform said animal that they are in fact a “stupid dog/cat.”

However…there was this one day that we went upstairs to discover a smelly steaming pile left by the small loaf dog. My 4 year old son sees the pile, sighs, rolls his eyes, and (before I can even open my mouth) says “F*cking Dog.”


It took much restraint to control my giggles as I explained to him that he used a “grown up word” and that he should refrain from using the grown up word again.

27 05 2011

Well, at least nobody else was present, right?


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