Keep Talkin’ Happy Talk

13 05 2011

Last week Little G graduated from speech therapy. On the one hand, this is great news, as he’s no longer delayed. Hurrah! On the other hand, no free preschool next year. Guess the poor kid is stuck with mom while his older brother goes to kindergarten.

Little G’s newfound verbosity has a great impact on our family:

  • He fully expresses his needs and wants. “I want a cookie!”
  • He lets us know when his needs and wants are not being met. “I want a coooookiiiiiiieeeee!”
  • He communicates with his brother.
    • Big G: “Look! It’s a cow!”
      Little G: “A cow! Moo!”
      Big G: “Look! It’s a horse!”
      Little G: “A cow! Moo!”
      Big G: “No. Not a cow. A horse!”
      Little G: “A cow! Moo!”
      Big G: “It’s a horse!”
  • He says phrases that make me giggle, like “Oh, man!” “No way!” “What are you talking about?’ and “It’s delicious!”
  • He tells knock-knock jokes. “Knock-knock!” “Who’s there?” “A pig in the farm!” (It’s always a pig in the farm. He’s convinced that’s the funniest joke ever told.)
  • He requests Go, Diego, Go! approximately 27 times a day.

I could go on and on about the benefits of communication, but I think you get the idea. Besides, it’s late and I want to be well-rested when Little G jumps into my bed in the morning yelling, “Wake up, mom!”



4 responses

14 05 2011

this makes me happy in my heart

13 05 2011

Lol cute! I love how snarky you are while being loving! Awesome!

13 05 2011

Congratulations Little G! The horse conversation sounds an awful lot like my 4 and 7 year olds conversations over everything!

13 05 2011

Or my favorite “I hate you”. When my 3rd was that age he picked up on what our TX neighborhood mom’s were saying and went around saying “What da Ell!”

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