Time to Examine Your Priorities

28 04 2011

Every Thursday I work six hours at my “Hey, look! I’m a real adult!” job as a pharmacy technician. One of my responsibilities is pulling all of the prescriptions on our shelf that are over 10 days old and returning them to stock. Insurance companies don’t like it much when you bill them for drugs patients don’t pick up, so it’s important we do this on a regular basis.

Today I ran across a prescription that was nine days old—still inside the time frame to leave on the shelf, but I had to wonder why the customer hadn’t picked it up yet.

Fortunately, the customer came in halfway through my shift. Unfortunately, she wasn’t there to pick up her nearly returned prescription. She wanted her Lortab. As usual.

I want to let you decide if she made a wise decision or not, so I took a picture of the prescription she didn’t get:

Because I love y’all, I’ll save you the uncomfortable Googling and tell you this medication treats bacterial vaginosis. Really, though, I think all you need to make an informed judgment is the word “vaginal.”

That’s right. I had you at vaginal.

I could go so many places with that, but I think I’ll just go to sleep. You’re welcome.




5 responses

30 04 2011

baby, you always have me at vaginal. and now your family is horrified by me. MWAhahahaaaaaaa!

maybe her vaginal troubles went away? weird.

29 04 2011

A public service announcement: IF you have BV, please pick up your prescriptions if you don’t want your gynecologist (or you L&D nurse) to pass out. That is all. Thank you.

29 04 2011

she must have been uncomfortable somewhere! ;O) What was that customer thinking?

29 04 2011
J. Daniel Rollins

So many ways I could go with this, but I think I’ll take your advice.

28 04 2011

I think I might take the Lortab over this…it sounds more fun anyway. 🙂

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