You Have Chosen…Poorly

25 04 2011

Gather around, kids. Today’s lesson centers around the importance of choosing a clean font. Now, I’m no graphic designer. Everything I know about font selection can be summed up in two bullet points:

  • Never, ever use Comic Sans.
  • Or Papyrus.

I think we can all agree I have much to learn in the graphic design arena.

Recently my sister-in-law forwarded an email she received from Talbot’s, a women’s clothing retailer.

What’s their slogan?

Had my sister-in-law not forward it with the advice, “read carefully,” I would’ve seen “Every Woman, Every Style” and gone on with my day. Most people’s brains will automatically correct a typo to the closest approximation. It’s how we’re wired. Still, it made me giggle. Every woman, every stye? That doesn’t really motivate me to buy clothes, though I might consider some soft washcloths.

I clicked over to their website to see if it was limited to their email marketing. Color me surprised by what I found:

Holy crap, y’all! That’s stage! Apparently nobody checked to see what the slogan would look like scaled down before they gave this campaign the go-ahead. Whoops.

The more I stare at that slogan, the more annoyed I become by the juxtaposition of script next to a traditional Roman font.

Overall, I’m going to call this an advertising fail. I’ll give them props for jumping on the “using regular women instead of supermodels” bandwagon, but that’s about it.




2 responses

26 04 2011

STAGE? I thought it said stye. Like they misspelled Style.


26 04 2011

I’m with you. total fail!

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