A Few Good Eggs

22 04 2011

I love the concept of dyeing Easter eggs. I ogle egg-dyeing articles like porn, bookmarking sites and fantasizing. Oh, yeah. This year I decided decoupage eggs were just the thing—after all, they’re adorable and look quick and easy, right? I just needed to buy some origami paper, different shapes of craft hole punches, Mod Podge, and sponge brushes.

Shut up.

I know you’re dying to see the results of our dyeing (HA!), so I took pictures.

Confession: I hate dyeing Easter eggs.

What? I said I love the concept, not the actual act.

You’ll notice something slightly non-conformist made it into the back corner there. Big G spotted the shrink-wrappers included in the egg-dyeing kit and insisted we try one.

I'm not sure that's what it's supposed to look like, but Big G was thrilled, so whatever.

We even did a two-toned egg!

I say it totally counts as two-toned if the dye tablet hadn't quite dissolved.

Actually, Little G did manage to foil our “one color only” plans during the shrink-wrap process. I was operating the hair dryer, which obviously means I was not on toddler watch. (I’m looking at you, Car.) Miraculously, no dye was spilled, and an actual two-toned egg appeared:

What are the odds?

My favorite part of the evening? Car rubbing his hands together gleefully as he talked about how diabolical he felt. We didn’t show them how to be creative! Hee hee!

We’re the best parents ever.




2 responses

22 04 2011

This is our first Easter that G will realize the day is different. No one told me how stinky my house and fridge would be. I’m a little upset about that….

22 04 2011

My 4-year-old just walked in, looked at the photos, and said, “Why didn’t you put any decorations on the eggs?” 😀

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