A Memo to Myself

15 04 2011

Y’all don’t need to read this. I just feel like I should write it down for future reference.

Hey Jenny,

You have a very bad memory. For kicks, I’ll list some contributing factors:

  1. You had a blood clot in your brain. It left behind scar tissue. That has to have some sort of residual effect, right?
  2. You don’t sleep enough. Sleep deprivation is not so good for the brainpower.
  3. Skipping meals isn’t the best way to power up the brain, either. If you ate regularly, you might actually remember the generic for Biaxin (clarithromycin). (Seriously, people, I was so embarrassed to ask my coworker that question last week. And then later? I magically knew that cisapride is the generic for Propulsid, a medication that was pulled off the market in 2000. What the crap, brain?)
  4. You have two children. Children are notorious for their powers of brain-suckage. It’s true! Ask any mother and she will tell you she has become less intelligent (though, strangely, more resourceful) with the arrival of each child.

Do you see what isn’t on that list? Early onset Alzheimer’s Disease. Now stop reading that novel about the woman who does have early onset Alzheimer’s and go get some sleep. In the morning you need to remember to return Still Alice to the library.

There’s healthy paranoia, and then there’s foolishness. Don’t cross that line, honey.






2 responses

16 04 2011

If you can pronounce those drug names, I think you’re pretty safe from a lot of brain issues.

16 04 2011

I don’t think my “pregnancy brain” ever left. I just added to it with “post stroke brain” I can remember ever single one of Colby’s medications, doses and concentration levels of the compounds but I cannot remember my phone number to give it to a doctor. I can remember everyone else’s appointments and activities yet can’t remember what day of the week it is. It’s not just you I promise. All though returning the book might be a good idea……

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