This Is Why I Can’t Be Nice

14 04 2011

Okay, fine. One of the many reasons.

Actual conversation from work today:

Customer: I’d like to refill my birth control.

Me: I’m sorry, your prescription is a year old and the refills have expired.

Customer: Can you just refill it one last time and I promise I’ll get a new prescription before the next pack is due?

Me: I’m afraid I can’t do that. I can fax your doctor for refills.

Customer: But you did it last time. (Since her last new prescription was a year ago, this must’ve been over a year ago.)

Me: Your doctor’s office is still open, so why don’t I fax her and you can call her, and we’ll try to get your refill by the end of the day. Are you due to start the new pack tonight?

Customer: No. I start it tomorrow night.

Me: Okay, so we have until tomorrow night to hear back from the doctor.

Customer: Well, I feel weird calling her because she’s not going to be my doctor anymore. Can’t you just give me a pack to get me by until I see my new doctor? You did it last time.

Me: We do that in emergency situations. It’s the middle of the day during the week. Doctor’s offices are open, and you aren’t out of your medication. This isn’t an emergency.

Customer: *sigh* Fine.

I want to be helpful. Really, I do. But conversations like that suck away my will to provide assistance to even the most worthy customers.

Therefore, to this woman and other such customers…stop ruining it for everyone else.




5 responses

17 04 2011

this woman kills me. I’ve had birth control close calls when my lamo doctor’s office (not the doc. he was nice) would never fax back my refills. I was always having to hound them over and over. my poor pharmy tried his best too. but never did I get a refill without the doc. *sigh*

15 04 2011

I love it when they say to fill it, else if they get pregnant it’s your fault!> I’m like.. life is full of choices.. you can always close your legs or take it in the rear instead. Oh heck, USE A CONDOM!?

15 04 2011

I would never ask a pharmacist to break the rules like that!! EVER! As much as I’d want/need a certain prescription, I’d feel like a total douche even asking! Geeez, what a retard!

15 04 2011

Well Jenny, if you would have JUST refilled my prescription, then that whole conversation could have been avoided…..
I can honestly say I am not one of those customers….but there are times, when this darker side of me wants to do it, just to see if the pharmacists eye actually twitches… and then I regain my humanity and just politely pick up my prescription.

15 04 2011

Did you at least send tell her what aisle the condoms were in?

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