One of These Things is Not Like the Other

11 04 2011

Oh, Netflix. Sometimes I’m a little bit confused by your suggestions.

While I’m sure I’d thoroughly enjoy Patrick Stewart in Macbeth, I’m not really seeing how that relates to my enjoyment of Arrested Development.

And then there’s this one:

Really, Netflix? Enjoyment of Dirty Dancing indicates I’ll like Beauty and the Beast?

Also based upon my enjoyment of Arrested Development (if you’ve never watched it, Arrested Development was a hilarious Fox comedy which ran 2003-2006):

According to Netflix, this movie is “An unprecedented look inside politically fractured Zimbabwe under dictator Robert Mugabe.” HAHAHAHA! Sounds every bit as hilarious as Arrested Development, doesn’t it?

And then, of course, there’s this gem:

Do you enjoy claymation features that are fun for the whole family? Check out this documentary on whaling!

I’m totally queuing that one up for the kids. Netflix thinks they’ll love it!

*Before you start telling me all about how Netflix recommends films, I realize it’s based on more than just similarities in films. I know they take into account what a bunch of people who like similar movies have also been watching and blah blah blah…




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12 04 2011


12 04 2011

oh Netflix.

12 04 2011
Wendy Sparrow


I mean… wha? Who doesn’t like a nice whale flick documentary after watching Wallace and Gromit? “Cheeeeeeeese, Gromit! Cheeeeeeeeese!” Speaking of which… I don’t think we’ve watched Loaf or Death. *goes to add to Netflix queue* Do you think I ought to just add the whale thing while I’m at it? Hmmm… maybe I’ll just let it surprise me. ; )

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