A Day in the Life

8 04 2011

Have you ever wondered what working in a pharmacy is like? My coworkers introduced me to a video on YouTube which provides a good approximation. Watch this video, and feel my pain:

Right now you’re probably laughing at how absurd that video is, but I’m laughing at how true-to-life it is. I’ve actually heard approximately 90% of the comments the “customer” made.

I once had a customer ask why his cream prescription would take 15 minutes. “All you have to do is slap a label on a tube.”

Today a customer asked how long it would take to get her prescription ready. When I told her five minutes, she heaved a big sigh and said she’d just come back later.

As I counted down the till at 9 pm tonight, a customer asked to have prescriptions refilled. When the pharmacist agreed to do it, she said, “I’ll come back for them later.” No, ma’am. No you won’t.

The first time I watched the above video I laughed so hard I cried. I’ve watched it six times since and it hasn’t gotten old yet.

Ten hour shift tomorrow. Will I make it through the day without shanking a customer? Only one way to find out!




3 responses

9 04 2011

I just love that it takes place in the forest. 😉

I’ve heard a lot of that just standing in line at the pharmacy…and worse. why are people such assholes? I just don’t know.

9 04 2011

Thanks for sharing! That’s pretty funny. I don’t know how you put up with that every day!

9 04 2011

Hysterical! Sadly even as a customer I’ve heard someone say almost all of that at one point or another as I stood in line behind them. Good luck not shanking any one today!

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