Do you hear what I hear?

29 03 2011

I took my car to the mechanic today for an oil change and the emissions and safety inspection. I may have, perhaps, left the last items a wee bit too long, as evidenced by the citation sitting on the passenger seat of the car.


Originally we put it off because we didn’t have enough money to replace the windshield, pay for the emissions and inspection, and pay the registration fee. When I took the car in today, I was informed the it didn’t need emissions or an inspection because of the year it was made.

Can you tell I’m used to having old cars?

They changed the oil and went to do the registration, which is when they looked at the date it was due. That date happens to be December 31…which meant I actually do need the emissions and inspection done.


So basically, I sat around and played with my phone in the waiting room for quite a while. I had no problem with this, as my kids weren’t with me, and we all know any kid-free time is fine by me.

I was especially grateful for my child-free state when an old man in the waiting room went around the corner to the unisex restroom and proceeded to pee very loudly.

Without shutting the door.

I made brief eye contact with Derek, the mechanic at the counter, and we both had to look away. I tried hiding my face in my shoulder. Derek left the office.

The old man continued to pee in fits and spurts. I think he should probably contact his doctor about something for his prostate.

I finally had to walk outside, where I doubled over in laughter, and where I also found Derek, who informed me that the light switch in the bathroom is in a rather difficult-to-find spot. Still, most people tend to spend a few extra moments searching for the switch rather than opt for peeing with the door open.

As for the inspection, well…see for yourself:


Apparently when they said I was a cop magnet it wasn't a compliment.

*FYI: WordPress does not recognize the word “unisex.” It recommends I use the word “unsex.” What the crap, WordPress?





7 responses

30 03 2011

What the heck do you drive?

30 03 2011

Oh, wonderful rejections. If Utah’s like where I’m from, that big “R” on your windshield will garner you loads of attention. You might want to just paste the paperwork saying it’s waiting on parts to your forehead now and get it over with.

29 03 2011

I spent a lot of my day doing exactly what you were doing yesterday. Only…I didn’t have the old gentleman peeing for my entertainment. I did get to have a long conversation with a man at DMV about the exorbitant fees UTAH charges to own a car in this state.

So now what do you do? Now that you’ve been REJECTED?!

29 03 2011

Now I go back tomorrow for a new brake light switch, which they’re having overnighted to remedy said “cop magnet” issue.

29 03 2011

Ugh! Our registration is up in July and we’re probably moving to Indianapolis Aug 1st. I’m guessing that I won’t be able to drive cross country like that. Not quite sure what we’ll do.

29 03 2011

The day after? I’d totally risk it. Of course, I have a ticket…and you do not. So there is that.

29 03 2011


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