When Catkins Attack

25 03 2011

Big and Little G, like most kids, like to play outside. Now that it’s warming up a little, it’s especially nice to spend time outside at grandma and grandpa’s house, where there’s a fun play structure.

You have to be careful, though. Danger shadows your every step.

Do you see it? No? We’ll get a little closer.

You must see it now, right?

Oh, yes. There it is—lurking behind the planters, lulling you into a false sense of security. Don’t get too close. No, don’t!




That’s right. According to Big G, he can’t go outside because he doesn’t like those things. I’ve explained they’re seeds—inanimate objects which can’t hurt him. This makes no difference to Big G. If there’s something potentially disturbing, he’ll find it and make it a full-scale crisis. If there’s something not at all concerning, he’ll make that a full-scale crisis as well.

So the weather was nice, Big and Little G wanted to play outside, and the moment they stepped out the door, Big G started freaking out and refused to move past the steps. Awesome.

But can’t he dodge the catkins? There can’t be that many, right?



A small sampling of the aspens at the back fence.

I’m guessing this was the scout catkin. As soon as he reports back, his catkin comrades will swarm into the yard en masse and all hope will be lost.


Hey, at least there’s a nice view from the back steps.




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