This Will Not Convince Big G Baptism is a Good Idea

22 03 2011

“Mom, I don’t want to get baptized.”

Big G whispered that to me during sacrament meeting two months ago. My initial reaction was to say, “Oh, you’ll get baptized, and you’ll like it!” I’m a fantastic mom like that. After all, parenting isn’t about letting your kids make choices—it’s about making sure they do the right thing. Besides, he has two and a half years to get over his fear of being dunked in the water. I’m sure he’ll be fine. (For those unfamiliar with our practices, the LDS church baptizes children at the age of eight. We also practice baptism by immersion.)

I told Big G he had quite a while to prep for baptism. His reply? “I still won’t want to get baptized.” Sigh.

The more I think about it, the more I realize that dragging a kicking and screaming 8-year-old to the baptismal font and asking Car to hold him underwater probably isn’t the most positive way to begin his official membership in the church. I know! Check me out, being all level-headed.

Still, there are things that could make baptism more frightening.

Tonight I was looking for something to make family home evening a little more interesting (an activity, drawing page, craft…seriously, anything) and I came across instructions to make a baptism bag for a child. The purpose of this bag is to help the child understand the importance of his or her baptism.

And, as best I can tell, to scar the child for life:

Wait…maybe Van Gogh was just making a Baptism Bag but lost his nerve!

The child psychologist is going to love me.




7 responses

22 03 2011

I was so excited about my baptism. my aunt made my dress and a matching one for my Barbie. for reals.

but if someone had given me that bag, I would have run for the hills.

22 03 2011

This reminded me of when I played the piano for the baptism of a developmentally delayed 12-year-old. It took 30 minutes and the bishop getting into the water IN HIS SUIT before Austin could manage it. It was a really sweet experience after all the stress. And there are only so many Primary songs about baptism in the book…

Regardless, everything worked out and, like I said, was very sweet. 🙂

22 03 2011

LOL! That is hysterical and twisted all at the same time. I can’t even imagine giving my daughter one of these and she is literally counting down the days till June 4th when she gets baptsed. She’d probably pull the ear out and be like “WTF mom?” Oh wait I guess she wouldn’t because she’d have just gotten baptised. It would be my husband who would be saying that! Former sailor and the mouth to go with it.

22 03 2011
Lady of Perpetual Chaos

My now 6 yo starting having the same issues when she was a Sunbeam. She said she didn’t want to get baptized. So I told her that she didn’t have to if she didn’t want to & it was her decision. Which kind of appalled my husband. But it relieved her fears immensely. Now, she’s a little more open to it but still isn’t for sure yet. And I’m sticking with it….she does not have to unless she wants to, whatever age that is. I’ve already prepared myself for the possibility. It won’t be pretty since we have family that will FREAK OUT if she isn’t baptized the moment she turns 8 but that’s okay because I’ll be doing what’s best for my baby. Can you imagine forcing a child to get baptized?! Totally messed up.

22 03 2011

So you are going to cut him up into little pieces and put him in a bag and THEN dunk him in water? Mormons are scary ;o)

22 03 2011

We really, really are.

Also? That’s going to be a fabulous rumor. Thanks so much. Hee!

22 03 2011

No problem…anything to help your image!!

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