I Meant “Bad” Michael Jackson, Not BAD Michael Jackson

19 03 2011

Or, “Know Your Audience.”

Last week on Twitter someone asked this question:

“So. If I were to, say, mix up a batch of brownie batter, and then proceed to sit with a spoon and eat it (all), would that be bad?”

Now, we all know the answer to this question is “No.” However, I had 140 characters available in which to convey that sentiment, and anyone who has read this blog knows brevity isn’t my strong point.

Instead, I opted for an answer that made me giggle. That’s how I plan most of my conversations—the things I say might not make you laugh or even (if I’m being totally honest) make sense half the time, but if they make me laugh, I’m pleased with the outcome of our interaction. I’m a fantastic conversationalist like that. I tweeted: “Depends. Are we going with the Michael Jackson definition of bad? If so, then yes.”

I sat back and waited for the hilarity to begin. Then came the reply: “You may have saved me from myself.”

Wait, what? Saved her from herself? That made no sense. I just told her eating the brownie batter was good. I mean, that’s what the song “Bad” is about. The “whole world has to answer right now just to tell you once again…who’s bad!” That’s pretty frickin’ bad. And by bad, I mean awesome.

Then I realized…that’s the Michael Jackson of my generation. The Michael Jackson of the newer generations was on trial for child molestation and then overdosed on Diprivan. It’s not a bad that anyone wants to be. Ever.

I tried to explain myself by tweeting: “I meant it more in the sense of his song “I’m Bad” – ie, bad = good. Because I’m old,” but by then it was too late. I felt hopelessly outdated and ready to be put out to pasture.

It’s okay, though. Don’t feel too sorry for me. After all, you know I’m bad, I’m bad – you know it.

Sorry. If you don’t like what I’m sayin’, then won’t you slap my face.

Okay. I’m going to stop now. Seriously.

*You may have noticed a drop in my posting frequency. Now that the Year o’ Blogging has come to a close, I’ve decided to give myself some leeway on the whole “post every day” thing. I know this makes you sad, as it means less Jenny, but try to be strong. I’ll do my best to post as frequently as possible. This may mean daily, or it may mean a few times a week. I’m not sure yet—we’ll just have to see how things work out.

**Your butt is mine.

***Okay, now I’m done.




4 responses

21 03 2011
Jessica G.

Okay, I totally understood your tweet and found it to be awesome encapsulated. And in honor of it, I shall now eat an entire batch of brownie batter. While watching a zumba video.

20 03 2011

We’ll be “bad” and old together, my friend. (“Thriller” was the first album–and a vinyl record, no less–that I ever bought. We’re ancient fossils, I tell ya.)

20 03 2011

I often feel bad for today’s youth. I mean, who do THEY have to idolize? Beiber or Miley Cyrus? At least Michael could sing…prior to the whole nose thing Yeah, he got kinda weird…anyway, I think you are hilarious.

20 03 2011

well you can’t help if the younguns don’t get the good jokes. maybe you should have included a little “who’s BAD?” in the tweet, but even then. but hey, that’s my Michael! and I sooo had a crush on him. Captain Eo. Oh yes.

did I ever tell you I met MJ once? most surreal moment of my life.

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