Don’t Go Away Mad

7 03 2011

Girl, just go away.
~ Mötley Crüe

Dear rehab buddy,

You’ve called me several times in the last few weeks, and I won’t lie—I’m screening your calls. Every time your number pops up on caller ID I feel sick to my stomach and a little bit guilty.

I know you need help. I’m sorry for that. I’d answer the phone and tell you the myriad reasons why I can’t help you right now, but I don’t need to hear your lies or excuses. I don’t want to hear your sob story.

Here’s what I know: You tried to pass a forged prescription at the pharmacy where I work. I wasn’t working at the time, and I’m not even sure you know that’s where I’m employed, but it doesn’t matter.

You aren’t well. You’re using.

Perhaps the day will come when I can help you. Perhaps not. All I know is right now, I’m putting myself first.

I’m well. I’m not using.

Good luck.

Please stop calling.






2 responses

8 03 2011

I’ve got my pom poms out cheering for you.

8 03 2011
Kristina P.

It takes a strong person to put themselves first, which is what you have to do. Good for you.

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