Prescription Fail

3 03 2011

We see some interesting prescriptions at the pharmacy—from the illegible (a local pediatrician who tends to write for only two different medications, which fortunately makes his indecipherable scrawls predictable) to the downright bizarre (Clomid for men).

However, sometimes even the most experienced pharmacy (by which, of course, I mean my pharmacy) is at a loss.

Today a customer sent a prescription in through the drive-thru and said she’d send someone to pick it up later. Here’s the prescription she sent in:


Sadly, we were fresh out of 10W-40.

Moral of the story: if you have multiple papers in your car, you might want to double-check what you’re sending in the tube. Just a thought.




4 responses

4 03 2011

HAHA! I think you should have gone and bought some, slapped a label on it and called it her scrip. she would have been so confused!

4 03 2011

Um yeah. I wonder what the auto repair shop thought of her prescription for her husband’s Clomid. LOL. 😉

4 03 2011


4 03 2011


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