I’m Not OCD

25 02 2011

Now please excuse me while I go wash my hands.

Ha! I kid. See, that’s funny, because the common misconception is that all people with OCD wash their hands constantly. But that’s irrelevant, because I’m not OCD.

We have two basic types of sippy cups in our house: Lightning McQueen and Toy Story. Like So:

The Lightning McQueen cups came with blue and red lids. The Toy Story cups came with green lids. Last week I grabbed the last clean cup out of the cupboard—a Toy Story cup. Then I grabbed the last lid.

It was red.

I did what any perfectly sane non-OCD person would do.

I washed a green lid.

What? That’s perfectly normal. The green lids go with the Toy Story cups. Do you see any green in the Lightning McQueen cups? I think not! It’s not OCD. It’s a keen eye for coordination!

Shut up. It’s not like I would’ve panicked if I had to use a red lid. I believe we could characterize it as “moderately disturbed.”

If anything, I have Obsessive-compulsive Personality Disorder.

Actually, I don’t know if that’s better or worse, as one of the sub-headings in the OCPD article is “Hoarding.”


Anyway, I had a little chat with Car about proper use of sippy cup lids on Saturday, so I think we’re cool. Y’all can breathe easy. Moderate disturbance averted.

Doesn’t matter anyway. After all, I’m not OCD.




9 responses

26 02 2011


We are all OCD.

26 02 2011

that’s not crazy. that’s reasonable. at least in my world. and in that case, I fear for you.

26 02 2011
Elizabeth! I hav

Maybe not OCD but STRANGE

25 02 2011

So… we have the non character take-‘n-tosses with straws, just colors… And I have this thing where I can’t have any of the three components be the same color.

Of course I will wash the yellow straw if I have a blue cup and a green lid and only blue and green straws. OF COURSE.

My husband has suggested I need some kind of therapy.

25 02 2011

I agree with your decision to coordinate the lids better, however, I think that so called red lid looks pink and needs to be thrown out.

25 02 2011

My psychologist boss told me I have OCPD tendencies. I’m fine with that. As long as all the kitchen cupboards and drawers are closed all the way I’m FINE. Also, don’t mess with my pen.

25 02 2011

When feeding the baby the plastic spoon has to match the plastic bowl. Once my husband made up the food for me to feed her and while she ate, under my breath I grumbled about turquoise bowls with red spoons being unacceptable. My FiL started laughing and said my husband had told him I’d have something to say about it! He’d done it on purpose! And I thought I’d kept my issues to myself. Apparently not.

25 02 2011

I have a similar problem with my travel mugs. Have to wash the ones to match or they don’t fit right. And that? Major problem, even if I only wear black. Caffeine abuse is a serious crime.

25 02 2011

I hate un-matched lids but I don’t think I’ve ever washed one so they will match! Anyway it made me laugh and I needed it after this morning.

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