Let It Begin

21 02 2011

Sometimes I get broadsided by things that, in retrospect, are painfully predictable.

On Saturday I had a conversation with a customer about the pediatric neurologist her daughter is seeing. Big G saw the same neurologist, and I made a brief comment about how impressed I was by this doctor. Of course, the customer wanted to know why he’d seen a neurologist.

I briefly explained his motor tics, and went on to tell her I feel it’s likely Big G has Asperger’s Syndrome and the tics are symptomatic of that.

“What’s Asperger’s?” she asked.

“High-functioning autism,” I said.

And here’s where we all step back and wonder that I didn’t see this question coming from a mile away:

“Did you have him vaccinated?”


If I have a kid with autism of any sort and I, for some ridiculous, grasping, misguided reason decide that it’s because of vaccinations, whatever. I suppose that’s my crazy, irrational business. But unless I come to you and tell you that the medical profession has royally screwed my child over and Thimerosal has ruined our lives? You just back away. I don’t care what you believe about it. This is not your child, and this is not your life.

Of course, being the person I am, I had to throw out, “You know, most of the authors of the original study linking autism to vaccinations have retracted their work,” but we all know that makes no difference with most zealots.

I guess the good news is now I’m kind of prepared, right? This was a nice, low-stress way for me to realize (on a very small scale, I’m sure) what the future has in store.

Go ahead, world. Bring it. Yesterday my kid pooped on the carpet and peed on the Wii balance board. (Or, as said by the lovely @guiltysquid, Wii-wee’d! HA!) I’m pretty sure I can handle just about anything right now.




8 responses

23 02 2011
Guilty Squid

Really? I’m not even on your blogroll?

And that joke was HILARIOUS.

Here’s your reply to women like that: Look at her sadly and sigh and then say in a very sympathetic tone, “No, unfortunately, there was no vaccination to protect him from the effects of random assholes who are highly judgmental. Science has come so far and yet… still not there yet.”

22 02 2011

You are at a pharmacy. Can’t you throw condoms or something at people who ask stupid questions? I know you can’t because my sister used to be a pharmacy tech and she wasn’t allowed to throw condoms at me when I would go in to harass her.

22 02 2011

Holy crap. I’d be livid. Good for you for not smacking her.

22 02 2011

BLARGH! It’s almost like vaccinations are the new version of the refrigerator moms. Like “it is your fault your child is on the spectrum”

Side note: Only half of this comment is visible to me so forge any spelling erros please?

22 02 2011

How about having a handy comeback like, “I’d rather not say.” I can’t imagine anyone would want to push you to continue with that. My mother often reminded me that most people’s comments are really well-intentioned although it never comes across that way.

22 02 2011

screw ’em. your kid is your kid alone and you’re an awesometastic mom. doesn’t matter what the zealots and the gullible and the trendy competitive moms think.

22 02 2011

There certainly are some zealots out there!

Good on you for retorting intelligently and not knocking their head off! LOL


22 02 2011

I would have said the same thing. Or at least restrained myself from calling them gullible.

And my kid does similar stuff, so, maybe kids are just jerks?

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