Every Breath You Take

15 02 2011

Big G will be watching you.

Today the boys and I made a little Valentine’s Day craft. Yes, I know Valentine’s Day was yesterday. Shut up. I’m doing a frickin’ craft, people. You’re really going to quibble over one day? My plan was to make a cute little craft thingy (so technical!) for an older widow in our neighborhood.

Big G had other plans.

Remember T, Big G’s preschool girlfriend? Well, making cute paper crafts for widows is well and good, but making something for your adorable blond crush…obviously that’s even better.

Our compromise: a heart for the widow, a heart for T. Never let it be said I’m not a romantic.

So there I was, cutting out little squares of tissue paper in pink, red, and white (I know! It was like Invasion of the Body Snatchers!) and Big G said, “Mom, I think we should use pink. T really likes pink.”

“Okay,” I said. “I thought we’d actually use all three colors.”

“But we should definitely use pink. She really likes pink. I know, because she was wearing a pink dress yesterday.”

I may have giggled internally a little bit when he said that. I mean, really. He noticed what color dress she was wearing! That’s adorable!

Big G noticed I was cutting out white squares and said, “She likes white, too. Her pink dress had white dots on it. We should cut out white dots so we can have pink with white dots like her dress.”


Either Big G has eidetic memory or he’s precariously close to moving from “adorable” into “little stalker.”

Nah. He’s still adorable. Giving crappy valentines to people he doesn’t like…making clothing-coordinated valentines for the people he likes.

My adorable, diabolical little stalker.




3 responses

16 02 2011
Kristina P.

Wow, can’t wait until he gets Facebook!

16 02 2011

no that’s adorable! in 15 years he might devolve into the kind of guy who doesn’t notice if you dye your hair purple, so this is a good thing!

15 02 2011
Wendy Sparrow

But stalking is cool… right? *She says after rushing here immediately after seeing this blog post in her emails.*

That is pretty freaking adorable, btw.

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