Keep Your Friends Close and Give Your Enemies a Crappy Valentine

13 02 2011

Tonight Big G and I prepped valentines for his class party tomorrow. Big G’s task was to write his name on the valentines. He’s learning to write his letters, so the presentation is a little bit…interesting. We’ll call it original. Straight lines are far too confining. Why write your name in a straight line when you can write the letters in a random configuration? Silly conformists.

Still, he’s a perfectionist at heart and he wanted things to be just so. It was okay if the letters were scattered about, but they had to look really good. Each time he completed his name, he looked at it critically and passed judgment:

“This isn’t a very good one. I’ll give it to someone I don’t like.”

We finished all the valentines and I can only draw one conclusion: he only likes two people in his class.

You can’t have him. He’s my diabolical preschooler.




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14 02 2011

smart kid you got there

14 02 2011

When you were in the first grade, your teacher showed us a very creative assignment for a recipe that a witch would make. You had everything down perfectly with a wide range of ingredients. What really impressed the teacher was that you even included baking instructions: put it in the oven and bake at 350 for 20 minutes. Your final instruction: “Feed it to someone you don’t like.”

How can these things be genetic?

15 02 2011

oh, man, i gotta hear more of these stories, mom.

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