Plausible Deniability

11 02 2011

I love the stage when kids first start to lie. As time goes on it becomes decidedly less adorable, but at the outset, when they don’t even try to to keep their lies in the realm of the possible, it’s pretty darn cute.

As part of our nightly bedtime routine, when we’ve finished scriptures, prayer, and bedtime stories, the kids hop onto the ottoman and I swing them into the next room. They’re always loaded up with paraphenalia—Big G has his Pillow Pet, Lightning McQueen blanket, and assorted other treasures (on any given night these can include sheets of Care Bears stickers, an origami star, coins, or candles) and Little G has his pillow (pet).

Tonight Little G jumped up on the ottoman and I heard a strange clanking sound coming from his pillow. I groped around the pillowcase and felt the shape of…a toy. Possibly a car. I was too lazy to actually reach into the pillowcase to find out.

“Little G, is there a toy in your pillow pet?”

As I stood there with my hand clutched around the toy in the pillow, Little G looked at me, pursed his lips, tossed his head to the side, and said, “Nope!”

He’ll make a fine politician someday.




2 responses

12 02 2011

plus with that face? everyone will believe him. how could they not?

12 02 2011

Perhaps not an honest face, but an adorable one.

P.S. No need to take credit for corrupting me. 🙂 I usually just hide it better than the other night.

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