Wallpaper Wars

10 02 2011

Big G loves my phone. Not as much as I do, as he has not discovered the magical world of Twitter, but still. He’s discovered the magical world of Angry Birds, and that’s good enough for him.

A little background information about…well, backgrounds. I don’t do pictures of my kids as wallpaper on my phone. Obviously this is because I’m a lousy mother. Actually, here’s the truth: my children are incapable of being cute in the same picture. It’s true. Plus I have a crippling fear that each kid will grow up thinking the other is the favorite, and having a photo of his brother as the wallpaper on my phone will reinforce that belief. (I know, I know. They’re going to think that no matter what. Just let me live in my happy place for a while, okay?)

Anyway, the point of all this is that I find random, generic pictures or patterns for my background. When I first got my phone, I had this nifty colored background that I couldn’t find again after Big G bit my phone and killed it. Ahem. So I replaced it with this one:

It’s like an LSD trip for your phone!

Time passed, and spring came. I felt whimsical. I tried a floral theme:

Turns out I'm not really the flower type.

Then I discovered Angry Birds, and Big G discovered Angry Birds. I did not realize Big G had discovered other features on my phone until the day he handed it to me with this wallpaper:


I can’t say I’m a tiger wallpaper kind of gal, even though it was my high school mascot. (Perhaps I should say especially since it was my high school mascot?) I set it back to the colorful swirls and went about my life.

Since the initial episode, I’ve reset my wallpaper at least a dozen times. Here are some of Big G’s random choices:

I don't care how cool this looks. Jellyfish are creepy.

I actually left this one for a while.

"I like waterfalls, mom."

"Mom, this is the most gorgeousest one ever!"

His most recent offense, however, has about sent me over the edge. Behold:

I'm just surprised it's not in the shape of a bald eagle.

In retaliation, I’ve replaced it with this:

Because if you don’t like staring at a Chihuly all day, you’re just dead inside. (I’m totally adding that to my list of things that sound dirty but aren’t.)

And yes, when Big G saw what I’d done, he had a fit. “Change it back! I want the fireworks! Why did you switch it? I like the fireworks!

Sometimes mom gets to put her foot down and say, “Hey, it’s my phone. I get to pick the wallpaper.” (Neener, neener!)




8 responses

11 02 2011

I like the Chihuly one. I have that same photo that I took in Vegas. *sigh* so pretty.

11 02 2011

I thought we were Panther’s in high school.

11 02 2011

You were the Panthers, but we moved to Utah before I went to high school.

11 02 2011

When I worked at a group home, I would change the ringers on the phone to the outrageous stuff it provided; doorbell, bird chirp, etc. and then change the set up to french so no one could change it back. Watch out if Big G learns that one, my little G already did (she was less then a year, so there was no asking her to fix it) and it took me 2 days and my husband’s matching phone to figure out how to change it from spainish back to english.

11 02 2011

I’m laughing. You could probably lock me into a room for a day with your phone and I wouldn’t be able to change the wallpaper, and yet. . . Do you think the next quiz show will be, “Are you smarter than a 5 year old?

11 02 2011
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11 02 2011

sounds like it’s time for the “we don’t DO trite faux patriotism, g” talk. he IS about that age.

don’t let this go unrectified all the way to his asking santa for a faded jean jacket with the eagle on the back. that’s just too far gone.

11 02 2011
Wendy Sparrow

Chihuly is fricken brilliant and if you ever come up my way, we’ll have to go to the glass museum to see some of his brilliance.

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