8 02 2011

I try not to use my blog space to whine very often, but today will be a rare exception.

//begin whining

If I get sick one more time this winter, I’m going to cry.

Ah, screw it. I think I’ll just cry right now.

Also? Financial accountability be damned. After I pick up my prescriptions I’m going to buy myself lunch because after spending half the night coughing, I can’t even handle reheating leftovers.

So there.

//end whining

*Hey, WordPress Proofreader? Reheating is totally a word. Microwaves: the technology of the future!




3 responses

9 02 2011
Abigail @ Skywaitress

Oh no! That’s the worst. I’ve been sick several times this winter so I feel for you. Hope you feel better really really soon.

8 02 2011

here’s some cheese with your whine. enjoy!

8 02 2011

Not again!! Call if you want me to make chicken soup. I’ll deliver. OR fettucine OR roast beef, mashed potatoes and Yorkshire pudding!

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