Forget the Weather

4 02 2011

The fact that I’ve voluntarily eaten oatmeal for two consecutive mornings is far more indicative of an impending apocalypse.

This morning’s OCD moment is brought to you by Big G: “Mom, I need you to get the crust off the waffle but not any of the holes, because I might want to eat those.”

And a spending update: I spent $6 yesterday because I forgot to take lunch to work. The Mongolian Beef was totally worth it, though. Today I’m getting a haircut, and I defy you to tell me that’s an unnecessary expenditure. Go ahead. Try it. I will cut you.

FYI: Last night I was going to write a scathing post about Medicaid, but I fell asleep on the couch. Obviously I was overcome by my feelings. Here’s a preview: stop whining.

Okay, then. End of pointless post. You may now return to your regularly scheduled Friday.




One response

4 02 2011

have fun at your hair cut! I love getting my hair cut. it’s transformative.

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