To My Beloved Customers

31 01 2011

Dear pharmacy customers,

We do not live in the deep south, where certain endearments are a cultural norm. I daresay 90% of you have little more than a fleeting connection with the south. (I feel as though I should make a 5% exception for you, mister customer who sounds exactly like Foghorn Leghorn.) We live in Utah, which is very, very far from the south and much more reserved due to our staid pioneer heritage. (What? I can be staid! Shut up. Jerks.)

Now that we’ve established this fact, I have one more thing to say:

The next time one of you refers to me as “sweetie” or “hon” I will reach across the counter and flick you right in the middle of your forehead.

Bless your heart.




7 responses

2 02 2011

true story: my PHARMACIST called me sweetie yesterday. ohhhh, georgia.

1 02 2011


1 02 2011

Be glad you’re not in the actual South, where “have a blessed day” is a frequent refrain at parting.

1 02 2011

Hey, the Chinese lady that runs a little greasy-spoon Chinese restaurant down the block from me called me sweetie the other day. She’s definitely not from the South…at least not in the U.S. (Great line from the first season of the new Doctor Who: “Lots of planets have a North.”)

That being said, I saw Paula Deen on the Showcase Showdown on The Price is Right yesterday, and she can call me sweetie anytime she wants. (No, I don’t have a thing for her; I just miss my Southern grandmother.)

One more thing: When I moved from Minnesota to start a new job in Utah, I was shocked when my 60-something boss referred to the women in my section as “gals.” Yeah, the terminology hasn’t quite caught up to the 21st century yet, as you well know.

1 02 2011

Yet another thing I have never understood about Utah. Drives me crazy.

1 02 2011

Damn Jenn, you sure tell it like it is. Gotta love that about you *hugs*

1 02 2011

I HATE that!

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