Hey, I Didn’t Say It

30 01 2011

Ever since Big G figured out we drive a Mazda, he’s become an expert at spotting them on the road. Y’all, I had no idea how many Mazdas were on the road until I had a 5 year old pointing out every single one. The best part of this is for some reason Big G has it in his head that they’re called “DeMazda.” It’s like some weird Italian-Japanese hybrid car. I’ll be driving along and from the backseat I’ll hear, “It’s a silver DeMazda! A number three!”

Tonight we were on the way home from my mom’s when Big G spotted a Mazda.

Big G: Dad! Catch up with that red DeMazda!

Me: Dad’s not much of a catcher-upper.

Big G: So he’s just a loser.

Me: *snort*




3 responses

31 01 2011

Ha ha ha ha, Car is a loser!

31 01 2011

hahahahaha! kid’s too smart for his own good.

31 01 2011


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