Keeper of the Secrets

25 01 2011

Yesterday the boys and I went to Target to get Valentines for Big G’s preschool class. (“I want these for me, and these for my friends.” “Um, that’s not how it works, honey.”)

For the first time in ages the gears in my brain clicked together and I thought, Hey, while we’re here, I can buy a card for Car!

You need to realize this never happens. I made a list before I went to Target. The list had four items: humidifier, stickers, valentines, sippy cups. I decided against buying a humidifier, so I was left with three items to buy.

I left without sippy cups.

So the fact that I realized I could, whilst buying valentines for preschoolers, also buy a card for my husband…well, that’s darn near miraculous.

Equally miraculous: I liked the third card I picked up. I’m one of those people who can waste 30 minutes trying to find a card that says the perfect thing. It’s agonizing. But this was the Miracle Target Trip, and it took me about a minute to find the perfect card.

I tossed the card in the cart, and Big G asked what it was.

Me: “A card for daddy. But don’t tell him! It’s a surprise for Valentine’s Day.”

Big G: “I’ll tell him we didn’t get him anything!”

Me: “Maybe you just shouldn’t say anything at all.”

Big G: “Why not?”

Me: “Because if you tell him we didn’t get him anything, he’ll wonder why you said something in the first place.”

Big G (looking confused): “Oh. Okay.”

At this point the woman standing near us in the aisle had given up trying to hide her laughter. It was awesome.

Yeah, this post pretty much ruins the mystery…but it’s a card. It’s not something really exciting. I mostly thought it’d be fun for Big G to feel like he was in on a surprise for daddy. Also, now Car has a reminder that he needs to go buy a card. And maybe some flowers in a few weeks.

What? I’m being helpful!




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